Free Consultation 

Our initial meeting is free of charge. I am more than happy to come out to you and chat for an hour. I love a good chat about birth!


Birth Doula Packages

I have two packages: 

- £850 - the basic 'I've done this before & I know what I want', Includes a Spinning Babies Parent Class.

- £950 - including a 1:1 Spinning Babies Parent Class, expenses, mileage, a 2 hour Postnatal Doula session & a Closing the Bones postnatal massage.

 A discount is available in certain circumstances; if for example you are a 2nd time mum on a low income, or I have attended your previous birth(s). Don't be afraid to ask!

Both packages include optional use of a pro birth pool, a tens machine, a CUB inflatable birth stool, a valley cushion, peanut ball, books, DVDs.

-For Postnatal Doula care, I charge £15 per hour, or 20 hrs for £250

-Closing the Bones postnatal massage in your home £40

-Spinning Babies Parent Class £50 group, £75 one to one 

Suitable from 20 weeks, giving comfort in pregnancy & ease of birth: not just for breech, or back-to-back babies!

As a Doula, I  Do Not:

Phone & Email Support 

I'm available for support & advice any time. If I don't know the answer to your query or concern, I will research it for you. Towards your due date, that availability extends to the middle of the night.

2-4 Prenatal Visits 

It's good to keep in touch & get to know eachother well. Sometimes I need to do extra visits to get to know your children, if there's a chance that I'll be doing childcare during your labour. Hopefully, we'll also see each other at the monthly Positive Birth Group & weekly Mumababy Tribe as well. Note, if we start working together close to your due date, there may only be time for one antenatal session.

Professional Information 

I'm a DUK certified doula, a DUK Doula Mentor & DUK Regional Rep for East Sussex. In 2018 I became the first certified Spinning Babies Parent Educator in the UK. I have access to a Landrover, for snowy birth nights. My car is serviced regularly.


Workshops/Groups/Mother Blessings

I host monthly Positive Birth Group in Lewes. I am available for birth preparation talks, individually or for couples or small groups locally, or via Skype/Zoom. I can hold a Mother Blessing for you, either in your space or in my red-lined yurt in Southease. Imagine gathering your best & most inspiring female friends for a less commercial version of a Babyshower. I attend the Mumababy Tribe, a weekly pregnancy/ new mums' circle near Lewes.


On Call

I am officially on call for you for the period covering ten days before your due date & two weeks after. If your baby arrives earlier or later, I will attend your birth if I can, or send one of my experienced back-ups, otherwise.

Perform any clinical tasks

I'm not medically trained.


Come beween you & your partner

I fit in where needed to support you both & help your partner to be your rock. You will remember how awsome they were for ever.

Make decisions for you 

I will know your birth preferences. I can rephrase questions, voice concerns or buy you time to make decisions, but I won't make decisions for you.

Drink, travel far away or turn my phone off

When I'm on call. Yes, really I don't drink, don't smoke (what do I do?)!

Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

We are all different & we all birth differently & raise our children differently. My job is to understand what you want & to support you, whether that's for a homebirth, hospital birth or planned section. I have also done post natal work with bottle fed babies.


Eat garlic or cheese & onion crisps, or wear perfume

I'm also a non-smoker. Labouring women have sensitive snouts! 

During Labour 

I will come & support you through your labour, whether it's long or short, day or night, from the time that you would like me to be there.

I also have some brilliant back-up doulas, who can come if I break a leg (which hasn't happened yet; I've never missed a birth). Update: it finally happened, two labours on the same day; my fantastic back up supported a fast and fabulous first birth (38 weeks), while I was supporting another. All was well and everybody was happy.

Baby’s First Feeds

I will check that your baby is feeding well. Sometimes feeding can be tricky to establish, in which case I can offer you extra support. I breastfed my babies & trained as a Breast Feeding Peer Supporter.

Postnatal Follow-up Visit & Birth Debrief

I will come and visit you in the days after the birth & make sure everything is going well. I always bring a cake (most often my famous Chocolate Guinness Cake), but can bring a good Ayurvedic Dahl instead, if requested. I can adapt the cake to be vegan &/or gluten free. A client recently said that the vegan version was amazing & that I 'could make a business out of that cake'. I replied that I have, it's called The Beloved's Arms & can be found at Glastonbury & Buddhafield festivals!

A Two Hour Postnatal Doula Session

I really want to make sure that you & your baby get off to a good start & I offer a session where I come & help with the baby (while you sleep) & with light housework (while you feed).

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